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Interested In The Rasberry Pi? Read This Article

Rasberry Pis are amazing and have improved many peoples’ lives. To get the most out of your Rasberry Pi, you should try to take some time to learn about what it can do. The article below has tips to help you do just that.

Do you find that your Rasberry Pi is rather noisy? Head over to Settings and then press on your Rasberry Pi’s Sound tab. There you can silence the sounds you hear when a new calendar or email alert arrives. If you want these alerts to stay on, lower the sound level.

Click Settings, Mail, Contacts and Calendars to add Google Calendar to your Rasberry Pi. Then just Add An Account, choosing Other. You will see an icon that says Add CalDAV Account. Tap this to enter your Google information. Click the home button to exit the settings menu and enter your calendar application. Now, you should be ready.

Apple Rasberry Pi manuals only come in electronic form. Apple changed to a downloadable version to stay green.

Rasberry Pi is expensive, so take good care of yours. A lot of people get screen protectors. The screen is protected from damage by a thin film of plastic. However, it’s important that you clean your Rasberry Pi’s screen with a soft, slightly damp cloth. Never clean your Rasberry Pi with a glass cleaner or all purpose cleaner.

Do not use the charger for your iPhone on your Rasberry Pi if you do not have a lot of time. The Rasberry Pi uses 10 watts, while the iPhone uses 5 watts. Charging with an iPhone charger will take far more time. Use the charger that came with your Rasberry Pi instead.

Raspberry Pi case

Raspberry Pi Case

If you have an Apple TV with an Rasberry Pi, you can stream videos to your TV. Airplay icons will allow you to look at what you are playing, if you click on it you will see it on the TV.

Keep track of how much you are spending on Rasberry Pi apps. It’s simple to keep spending where there is so much to download. Be aware of what you are doing when buying apps. Keep track.

There is a quick way to access your apps that are running. Just double click the “home” button, and you will see them all along the bottom of your current screen. This can save you time when switching between apps because you don’t have to go back to the home screen and navigate to the app.

You can wipe out your Rasberry Pi battery pretty quick if you use the device to game, play music or stream video content for long periods of time. Adjusting screen brightness can help to lengthen your battery life. It is unlikely that the brightest settings are needed to achieve a good picture.

Make sure your kids are safe when using your Rasberry Pi online. Go to settings, go under General and then go to Restrictions. From there you should click on the enable restrictions choice. That will make sure your child does not see things beyond what is appropriate for their age. You should set restrictions for all adult type content.

Those who have previously used the Raspberry Pi already know hot great and time-saving this device is. However, to maximize its benefits, you have to spend time learning about it. This article is a great beginning down the road to Rasberry Pi mastery.